General Agent Contract Summary

Scheduled commissions are among the highest in the industry!

As a United Heritage G.A., you may be a "Personal Producer" or you may appoint agents or associate general agents to help you build your agency.

Annualized Commissions
United Heritage has a very good Advance Commission Plan. The more you produce, the better the plan is for you. You must apply for participation in this plan. A background investigation will be conducted to determine if you meet the qualifications for participation. The Home Office reserves the right to deny participation in the plan.

Vesting Schedule
The contract is fully vested from the effective date.

Production Requirement
G.A.'s are expected to produce at least $1,500 of annualized life premium each month, to be reviewed quarterly. If your production is down one month, it can be made up in the other two months of the quarter to meet your production requirement.

If PWL/GB production is consistently higher, another level of contract may be available. If PWL/GB production is consistently lower, an adjustment to your contract may be necessary.

Request a General Agent Contract Information Kit.

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