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Country Living Plus & Plus II Products

This description is not a policy. The contract contains limitations and exclusions. All provisions of the policy apply.

Country Living Plus and Country Living Plus II products have been designed for properties that are owner occupied, hobby, Gentleman farms, or ranches, which show pride of ownership and are well maintained. A claims free discount may be offered if the applicant has been claims free for 3 years.

The Country Living Plus requires the dwelling to be 40 years or newer. The Country Living Plus II product will allow a dwelling built in 1960 or newer. Both products will allow a manufactured home if 25 years or newer.

There must be 100 acres or less and no more than 25% of income can be derived from farming or ranching.

The products include:

  • The insured amount for the Dwelling
  • 10% of that amount for Private Garages
  • 70% of that amount for Personal Property
  • 20% of that amount for Loss of Use
  • 10% of that amount for Unscheduled Farm Personal Property
  • 10% of that amount for Farm Structures and Fences if scheduled
  • Personal, Farm and Ranch Liability including Personal Injury (Libel & Slander) with a limit of $300,000
  • Medical Payments to Others with a limit of $2,000
  • Dwellings, Private Garages and Personal Property are insured at replacement cost
  • There are many other Optional and limited Additional Coverages available

If you would like information about any of the Products United Heritage Property & Casualty has to offer please contact us at (208)493-6200, (800)877-8862, or click here to locate an agency.