Peace of Mind During Your Golden Years...

" We've heard the horror stories -- couples reaching what should be the best years of their lives only to find themselves fighting the financial battle of their lives. With United Heritage, we reassessed everything. They helped us understand and evaluate our needs for estate planning and asset management.
We looked at funeral pre-planning insurance for our final arrangements and annuities to help us maintain a steady, predictable income stream. It's nice to know our retirement story will have a happy ending, especially now, when it's just beginning. "

Funeral Pre-need »

United Heritage has funeral pre-need products designed specifically to be used for the funding of pre-arranged funerals.

Annuities »

Annuities are long-term contracts that can help you save and provide you with a variety of payout options, including an income that is guaranteed for the rest of your life, no matter how long you live.

Permanent Life »

Permanent life insurance is purchased for the guarantees that it provides. In addition to the lifetime insurance coverage that permanent coverage provides, it also builds cash value. You can access this cash value for future needs. Permanent life provides benefits that will accomodate the unique needs that you may have.

Need More Info?

If you would like to know more about how United Heritage can help you plan for a secure future, locate an agent , or contact us .