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Long Term Disability

Our LTD plan provides coverage, 24 hours a day, for lost income when employees are unable to work because of an injury or illness.

    Benefits include:
  • Monthly benefits up to 70% of employee’s lost income
  • Elimination periods ranging from 30 - 365 days
  • Maximum benefit duration to Social Security Normal Retirement Age (SSNRA)
  • Recurrent disability variables
  • Vocational rehabilitation offering comprehensive clinical, vocational and job placement services, research and continuing education
  • Contributory, non-contributory, and voluntary options

The United Heritage policy supports a disabled employee’s abilities. We believe employees have a desire to lead active, independent lives and contribute to their employer’s productivity.

  • Our pre-existing condition limitation may contain a Treatment Free Period that allows claimants to receive benefits for a pre-existing condition if no treatment was received during applicable timeframe.
  • The Elimination Period can be extended up to a year from the date of disability when claimants have not met the earnings loss requirement, encouraging them to work as long as possible while still protecting their eligibility for benefits.
  • The Workplace Modification Benefit assists employers with expenses for worksite adaptations that can help a disabled employee return to work.
  • Our recurrent disability language allows claimants to return to work for up to one-half the Elimination Period, without having to restart it if they’re unable to continue to work.

Our LTD policy is designed to provide benefits to those employees who are unable to work, while facilitating their return to work whenever possible. Employees are encouraged to make the right choices about their treatment and their employment potential.

If you would like information about the Group Long Term Disability products United Heritage has to offer Contact Us or Locate an Agent in your area.