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How to Get a Group Proposal...

Our experienced underwriting team carefully reviews each RFP. Our goal is to offer each potential client a tailored benefit package that best fits their specific needs.

To prepare a group proposal we need:

  1. Nature and headquarter location of company
  2. Name of company
  3. Census list of eligible employees including:
    • Gender
    • Age or Date of Birth
    • Salary (for STD, LTD and Salary-based Life plans)
    • Job titles (for LTD plans)
  4. Requested plan design(s)
  5. Current certificate(s) of coverage*
  6. Current / Renewal rates*
  7. Experience if Requesting
    • Life and Long Term Disability proposals for over 500 lives
    • Short Term Disability proposals for over 100 lives

* Not necessary but helpful

Give us a call to request a group proposal:

Contact: Shane Nelson
Vice President, Group
Phone: (208) 493-6122
Contact: Aundrea James
Group Account Representative
Phone: (208) 493-6174
Contact: Chris Cawthra
Sales Director
Phone: (208) 493-6128
Contact: Marcie McCarvel
Group Sales Representative
Phone: (208) 493-6181
Contact: Michael Gordon
Group Marketing Specialist
Phone: (208) 493-6183

Mail: United Heritage
Group Department
P.O. Box 7777
Meridian, Idaho 83680-7777
Fax: 800-240-9734
Phone: 800-657-6351