Our History

1934 - Originally Grange Mutual Life Company (GML). The Company originally was licensed to provide affordable life insurance to Grange Members living in Washington and Idaho.

1944 GML expanded geographically and was licensed to do business in Oregon, Montana and Colorado.

1958 GML opened its business to the general public.

1959 GML expanded to the states of Wyoming, California and Iowa.

1961 Moved into a Company owned building located in Nampa, Idaho.

1970 - The Company was admitted to do business in Arizona and Nevada.

1971 The Company further expanded to do business in South Dakota.

1972 The Company added Utah.

1991 The Company added nine additional states, thus being able to offer products in all 22 states west of the Mississippi River.

1991 - United Heritage Mutual Life Insurance Company was adopted as the new name from Grange Mutual Life Company. An American bald eagle in flight was chosen as the new logo. The Company has also expanded into different markets.

2000 First acquisition, that being Idaho Mutual Insurance Company. Renamed United Heritage Property and Casualty; marking the Company's first foray into the world of property and casualty insurance.

July, 2001 - The Company moved its operations from Nampa, Idaho, to a new state-of-the-art headquarters in neighboring Meridian, Idaho.

August 2001 - Policyholders overwhelmingly voted to convert the Company's corporate structure to a Mutual Holding company. As a result, the Company was renamed United Heritage Life Insurance Company, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of United Heritage Financial Group, Inc.

2002 State of Illinois was added and marked the first expansion east of the Mississippi.

2003 - United Heritage Financial Group, Inc. became the owner of Sublimity Insurance Company of Sublimity, Oregon. Sublimity Insurance Company provides auto, homeowners, and fire coverage from its headquarters in Sublimity, Oregon.

2013 - United Heritage Financial Group, Inc. became the owner of Merced Property & Casualty Company of Atwater, California. Merced Property & Casualty Company provides Homeowner and Dwelling Fire policies to residents of California's North, South and Central valleys.

Today, United Heritage offers life insurance, annuities, and group life and disability income insurance through United Heritage Life Insurance Company in 38 states and the District of Columbia. Auto, homeowners and fire insurance products are provided through United Heritage Property & Casualty Company in Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Arizona, and Sublimity Insurance Company in Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. Homeowners and dwelling fire insurance is offered through Merced Property & Casualty Company in California's North, South and Central valleys.