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For Our United Heritage Policyholders Affected by Hurricane Ike

We are concerned about everyone affected by the severe winds and rain of Hurricane Ike in the states of Texas and Louisiana. Understanding that you may be experiencing a time of extreme crisis right now, we have implemented special procedures designed to assist our policyholders under circumstances such as the hurricane and the effects of that storm experienced in your area. Our special procedures relating to premium payments, lapse periods, claims, and other time-sensitive issues will be available to policyholders living in the areas of Texas and Louisiana that are declared official "disaster areas" eligible for public assistance by FEMA as a result of Hurricane Ike. Those counties identified by state and federal officials for the next week to 10 days are eligible, and we will keep updated on any changes that may be announced.

If you are policyholder of United Heritage Life Insurance Company in any of the states who has been affected by recent hurricanes, we encourage you to contact us. We can assist you in keeping your policy in force and protecting your valuable coverage for your future needs. If you would like to speak with someone at United Heritage regarding your policy, please contact our Client Services Department at 1-866-573-3928, or 1-800-657-6351.

Sincerely yours,

Dennis L. Johnson
President and CEO, United Heritage Financial Group, Inc.

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