Approval / Selection Process

In order to become a United Heritage agent, you must first obtain a
New Agent Contract Kit.

This kit includes the necessary paperwork to provide an appointment with the company.

Fill out the paperwork, and send it into our Home Office along with any required appointment fees (should your state charge fees). If you are not sure whether or not your state charges an appointment fee, you may find out from the appropriate
State Insurance Department.

After the paperwork is received, a background check is conducted as required by law. A Vector check, which is the insurance industry debt reporting system, is completed as well. The authorization for a background investigation is a form within the new agent contract kit. (Helpful tip to speed things up--If this form is faxed in to our licensing department along with the Application to Represent form, the background investigation is normally completed by the time those forms and the balance of the appointment material is received in our home office via US Mail.)

The entire process usually takes no more than 5-7 working days. When all material is received and approved, you will be assigned a writing number and may begin submitting business to United Heritage.

Special note to Pre-Need Agents
The new agent contract kit for Pre-Need agents is identical to that of a traditional life agent with the exception of the addition of the Funeral Home Authorization Form. This form will “link” the agent to a particular Funeral Home, allowing that agent to submit business naming that funeral home. Should an agent write Pre-Need for more than one Funeral Home, a separate Funeral Home Authorization for each Funeral Home for which an agent would like to submit business for.

No agent may write Pre-Need products with United Heritage (Advantage or Platinum e Series plans) without a Funeral Home Authorization from at least one Funeral Home.

Contact Info:

United Heritage
P.O. Box 7777
Meridian, Idaho 83680-7777

(208) 493-6100
(800) 657-6351 (toll-free)

(800) 240-9734

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